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ChaosWing's Beasts
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Welcome to my little adopted creatures!

*a dragon walks up to you* Greatings traveller. I am ChaosWing, and this is my forest. You are welcome to look around, and for each path you choose, I have one who will guide you. Farewell. *she dissapears into the mist leaving you wondering: Why am I here?*

Please visit the sites I have adopted from, and get some of your own!

I hope to update this page often with new creatures.

What's New?

Here are where updates are, so look back!

11/25- I'm gonna sign up fer a Necco today!!

12/11 I didn't get a Necco, but I got a cyoote sound Melcey instead! :P
5/9 Heh, I haven't updated here in a looooooong time. ^_^ I have been updating, and now I have two Raveen Kats, two- no, THREE more melceys, and two neccos. Lots has been happening.
5/22 *wipes sweat off forhead* Whooo-boy... 8 new melceys...