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ChaosWing's Beasts


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Deeper into the jungle

You work your way through the jungle, and slowly grow tired. Something large falls from the sky and knocks you unconsious. when you awaken, a blue dragon is standing on you, eyes flickering from light blue to pale yellow.


"Ah. Yes, you are the traveller. I am Fate, a Tsume dragon. Tsumes are native to this realm, and we make our home in the hills to the north. They are the Chaos Hills." Another Tsume walks forward, silver skin glinting in the light.


She blinks her two toned eyes, one blue and one red, and grins toothily. Feathered earring flashes in the light. "'Lo. I'm Ziaal, a Tsume of the Warp type. Welcome to our section of the forest." Another grin.You gulp, and nod. "You should go soon. The nebs await." you nod, and leave.

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