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ChaosWing's Beasts
Misty Valley


Little Pool
Raveen Kats
Soooo dark...
Tall grasses
High Cliffs
Misty Valley
Snowy Field
Deep Forest
Stone Plateau
Deeper into the jungle
Out of the jungle
Grassy territory
Moonlight field
Quiet Pool
Golden Mountains
Darkness Fields
Glaciated Trail
Field of Storms
Iced Path
Further up the trail
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You wander slowly, then, as if by means of magic, you find yourself overlooking a valley, shrouded in a thick mist. You debate wether or not you should turn back, but then you decide to continue on.
Forward, ever forward you move, carefully climbing down the steep, windy trail. You finally reach the bottom. There are less mists here. You go forward, listning to the sound of rushing water. A roaring river is nearby. You ignore it, and keep on moving ahead, and then you are aware of several large statues.
Traveller? A voice asks in your head. Ah, yes. A travelley. How fun.
Something is talking to you... inside your head. O.o
Tell me, two-legs, have you ever witnessed the magic of a storm? Oh, I thought not. You stutter. He just read your mind. Allow me to enlighten you. I am Tsumeatuu. A Raveen Kat leaps gracefully down from one of the statues, flapping his draconic wings.


Something tells you that this Kat is a kind one, despite his action. A little mimic flits around his head, then lands on him. It chirrs at you, tilting its head to the side. Tsumeatuu laughs. Traveller, you are an odd one. I suggest you move on. The night is still young.
You nod, then scamper off.

Name: Tsumeatuu
Meaning: Magic of the Rain
Gender: Male
Element: Mix - Rain/Magic
Notes: Can mindspeak and read the minds of any Kat that doesn't have telepathic powers. His wings are a major mutation as they're dragonic, and not feathered like a Rain/Rain-Mix usually has.
Teleport: Basic ability to teleport.
Downfall of Magic: A storm of acid rain starts up instantly, but this acid rain isn't normal acid. It's made up of magic and can go through non-powerful shields(like that of a Nightmare, but not through a Black Magic's Shield). This acid will melt and burn the flesh.
Mimic Info:
Name: Kikuu
Gender: Male
Element: Magic
Ability: Can teleport.