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ChaosWing's Beasts
Quiet Pool


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It's still dark. Very dark. All around you, there are bizzare glowing fungi. They cast an eerie blue light on all the foliage in the area. A flash of something moving catches your eye. You look over, wondering what it could be. An adult Raveen Kat is standing there, observing you silently. She has familiar blue markings, and a pair of soft feathered wings. Then it comes to you.. this wonderful Kat is Kai, the Rain cub you had met earlier. She smiles at you,tail swishing from side to side.


You blink-blink. "Kai...? Is that really you?" she nods. "Yes, it is." you grin, and start walking with her, talking. She leads you to a pool of water, one which has a calm, unbroken surface. It's breathtakingly beutiful... she sighs slightly. "The day comes soon, and I must leave. Hunting." she grins toothily. You smile in spite of yourself. She's much more mature than you remembered.

Name: Kaina
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Element: Rain
Notes: She has purple eyes, one gold earring in both ears and a white band around her front left leg. She's young, but she can fly. Yes, the white band on her leg is the same one she had had on her paw through cubhood.
Abilities: Downpour: Creates a storm of acid rain
Mask: The user covers itself with clouds.
Water Spin: Ability to create a tornadoe of water
Cub shot:

Kaina- cub