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ChaosWing's Beasts


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Tall grasses

After your encounter with Sekel, you are still slightly confused. You wander aimlessly, listening to the sounds of your feet. You round a bend, and are suddenly amazed to find yourself eye to eye with another Melcey!


You looks at him, and he looks back with red, unblinking eyes. Then a small grin appears on his gray face. He chuckles. "Greetings. How did you find yourself reaching my grasslands? By pure luck? Or were you assisted?" you tell him about your wander, and about the glowing Sekel, and he smirks. "Yes... he's interesting, for sure! I am Juggermé, which means Gryphon in my home language. You are?" you answer, unable to look into his glowing eyes any longer. He chuckles again. "I mist be going. Can't be late for the hunt!" with that, he leaves, long lion-tail whipping. You sigh, and head off.

Juggermé's stats:
Name: Juggermé
Translation: Gryphon
Gender: Male
Specie: Melcey
Theme: Virus
Litter: 81
Parents: GaelanXKemf'inlé
Mate: Teselle
Homeland: Arborwin Adoptions

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