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ChaosWing's Beasts

The glacier towers before you, but now you stand in a valley. It is a beautiful habitat, a variety of wildflowers grow here. Nothing that you can see lives here, not yet anyway.
As you wander, a small white shape catches your eye. You walk over, looking at the tiny thing ,and realize its a cat!


She looks up at you, yawning. Her eyes shine, and a small cresendo of purrs escapes her. She mewls at you, standing up and stretching. You smile, she's a quiet one. She rubs against your leg, still purring. "I am Miyotess." she accsents her vowels rather heavily, speaking with a strange accent. She reaches up a tiny paw, patting at your arm. You laugh, sitting down, and pat the top of her soft head. Her tail sways from side to side, disturbing a cloud of butterflys into the air. She frolics after, leaving you along.
A sign catches your attention.

There is some writing on it..
Name: Miyotess
Gender: Female
Age: Kit/Cub
Strength: 16/20
Symbol: Dream
Rank: Estanha
Pride: Rapture
Parents: Wild Lineage
Notes: For being so small, this female is loved by most of her pride. Rank and job are important to her, and they mean everything...Sometimes she's a bit conceited.
You head on, and laugh, thinking of the tiny cub's antics.

Ravisse Cats