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ChaosWing's Beasts


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The forest ends rather abruptly, and a savannah streches out for miles after it. You wonder, who or what might live here? And is it so big it needs this much space?


Just as you begin to explore, you are surprised by a rustle in the grass next to you. You jump slightly as a little blueish head pops up, and peers at you with large, dark eyes. He has massive ears, you notice. The ears never seem to stop moving! He is grinning slightly. "Hello," he says, and his voice is like the whilstling wind. "I am Nivia'Anclo, -you can call me Nivi- and this is my savannah. What's your name?" You answer him, and he grins. "It's nice to meet you. So, do you want to meet the others of my kind?" he asks you.Tilting your head to one side, you ask what he is. "I'm a sound themed Melcey from Fadia." you nod, not understanding this much, but now knowing he is a sound melcey, whatever a sound melcey is... You nod to him, and continue on.

Nivia'Anclo's Stats
Name: Nivia'Anclo
Translation: Ice Song
Gender: Male
Specie: Melcey
Theme: Sound
Litter: 80
Parents:Cril Xe Anclo X Lycia
Mate: Renka
Homeland: Arborwin Adoptions
Pack: Arctic Core

Las Csloné

As you continue wandering aimlessly through this sea of grass, a white thing catches your eye. You alk over to investigate, and find it is another melcey, but much differently. He opens an eye, and peers up at you. "'ello," he says, yawning. "I'm Las Cslone, or just Las." You ask him if he is a melcey too, because, he looks so.... different. "Yes I am." he answers, bowing his head. "But I am a blood melcey, rather than a sound. There is another melcey who lives over there, is you would like to meet her." You nod again, and head of in the direction he said to go.

Name: Las Csloné
Translation: Blood Eclipse
Gender: Male
Specie: Melcey
Theme: Blood
Litter: prize
Parents: ?
Mate: Lypha
Pack: None
Homeland: Arborwin Adoptions


As you walk, you hear a soft giggling. You look around, and down by your feet is a reen melcey. She looks at you and giggles again. "Hi!" she says happily. "I'm Meki Tova! Call me Meki." you smile at this happy little melcey, and tell her your name. She nods, still grinning. You ask what kind of melcey she is, and she responds, "An Earth." You smile back, she's just so excited to see someone! She seems to hear something, and her ear twitches. "I've gotta go. See you later!" She bounds off, grinning.

Name: MekiTova
Translation: Dawn Bird
Gender: Female
Specie: Melcey
Theme: Earth
Litter: Prize
Parents: Wild
Mate: Strider
Homeland: Arborwin Adoptions

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