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ChaosWing's Beasts


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In the middle of the savannah, there is a small grove of trees. You wonder why, as you step in...


There is a sound as you step in. It is... the sound of twittering. You look up, and are surprised to see a little dragon peering down at you. "Shibbo said hello," it said. "Shibbo says, Name Shibbo." You back away slowly, and then, run.


A small, fuzzy, and twittering thing falls on your head. Giggling madly, it falls off. "HIIIIIIIIIII!!!! Mesa Lay`funa'Shus! Call me... I dunno! Mesa necco! Yep, thats whay I am!" *She stumbles around, and zooms off, still raving on. You shake your head slightly, wondering about these... Things.

Funa as an egg:

necco egg

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