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ChaosWing's Beasts


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Raveen Kats


*As you walk, you notice the moon is full above you. You shiver slightly, and from seemingly nowhere, an adult Raveen Kat appears. She flicks her tail at you and says softly,* Hello. Who might you be? I am Kaa, a Dream/Moon mixed Kat. *You wonder at her beauty as you respond. She nods, and smiles.* It's a pleasure to meet you. You'd best be on your way, as it grows late. *You peer down at your watch, and sure enough, it is. As you leave, you notice a sign.*
Name: Kaa
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Parents: Wild
Mate: Reveuur
Element: Mix (Moon/Dream)
:Notes: She is wearing the necklace that you asked for, but as you can see the pose made it impossible for it to be visable. She can mindspeak, but she can't read minds. And unfortunantely when I rolled the dice it decided to make her like a Moon ability wise, so basically she doesn't have any abilities yet, she was born without any and hasn't received training from Mayakashi yet.
Abilities:  Moon's Dreaming Essence: A wave of glowy icey blue mist which fully heals allies, while paralyzing enemies for 1hr. This ability cannot regenerate lost limbs or heal fatal injuries. Cannot heal the user.
Wish of the Dreamer: A wave of black dust is sent at the target from all directions. There is no way to escape this wave, and once hit the target's flesh is burned and melted. This ability -will- instantly kill a cub upon contact with the dust.