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ChaosWing's Beasts
Snowy Field


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As you leave the valley, you notice a major change in climate. It gets very cold. Snow is falling from a thickly clouded sky. You reach what once was an open feild, but now it looks like a winter wonderland. Endless feilds of snow strech out for miles all around. And the cold is nearly unbearable! You trudge forward, when the sound of wooshing wings earns your attention. You look up, and a male Raveen Kat comes swooping down.


He folds his wings to his back, and shakes his mane out of his icy eyes, and you notice that one of his wings is feathered, and the other, draconic. He smiles softly, and looks you over. "You look... cold." he comments, tufted tail swaying slowly. You nod, shivering. You are cold. "Then you may come with me. We'll find a way to warm you up." he turns and pads off, and you follow him. But first, you come across a sign. You read it quickly.
Glaceuu's stats
Name: Glaceuu
Translation: Freeze in French (with two u's added to the end)
Gender: Male
Element: Illusion
Notes: Thin build. Flight is something his wings are capable of, but due to their differences he cannot fly long distances. Also due to his wings when he shapeshifts he will always have them, but their color would change.  The gauntlet was a gift from... someone. I can't tell you who though as it will ruin ...something.
Speicie: Raveen Kat
Mate: Della Neve
Pride: none yet
Offspring: none yet
Abilities: Illusion: Ability to shapeshift into another Raveen Kat type and use it's abilities. The abilities won't be as powerful as the original though. Moon, Animal, Insect and Mix abilities cannot be used by Illusions.
Homeland: Battle Prides

The Kat, who must be Glaceuu, leads you for a while. After a long time of walking, you reach a cave. Glaceuu nods, motioning that it is OK for you to enter. You do, and inside is another Kat, but this one is female.

Della Neve

The female Kat smiles at you, and purrs softly. It was nice and warm inside the cave, and the two Kats seemed nice enough. You sit down on the rock floor, and then Glaceuu seems to change. His body ripples, and twists in ways that make you want to run. But before you can, it stops. He seems to be made of fire, and warmpth radiates from his glowing body. The female Kat whispers something to you. "It's his talent. He's an Illusion, meaning he can change into other types of Kats. Now he's a sun Kat." you nod, seeing as though it had said that on the sign.
You rest for a while, then bid the two Kats goodbye. As you leave, you come across a sign.
Della Neve's stats
Name: Della Neve
Translation: 'of the snow' in Italian
Gender: Female
Element: Dream
Notes:  Her wing tips are made of snow, but cannot melt from the heat. Her earrings were gained from the same one who gave your Illusion the gauntlet, so I cannot give out his/her name. She has all Dream abilities
Speicie: Raveen Kat
Mate: Glaceuu
Pride: None
Offspring: None
Dream Wave: A wave of pale blue mist which causes anything it touches to fall into a nice dream filled restfor 2hrs. While the target is unconcious it's energy will be drained. Even if the wave is cancelled out the target will still be attacked by dreams, just while it's awake.
Dream Sheild: An energy shield which blocks -any- ability.
Dream Catcher: The user can enter the target's dream, changing it however the user desires or just observing it. While the user is inside the target's dreams, the target will have it's life drained. But once the user leaves the life will be restored.
Homeland: Battle Prides