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Iced Path
ChaosWing's Beasts

Free from the lightning.. you breath a sigh of relief.The path is sparkling with ice once more, and a third Angecur sleeps in a tree. You walk over, and she looks at you. "Hey." she says in a tired voice.


You nod to her, then start to continue up. Before you can, she's in front of you. "No you don't. I'm not mountain patrol for nothing. Tell me your name." you blink, suprised at the Angecur's abruptness, but respond anyway. "Ah. You wish to see the Calis, no?" you have no idea what a Calis is. O.O You nod anyway. "I'll bring you there. My name is Miinth." she trots up the trail, you following slowly.
Name: Miinth
Black, Ice and Violet Marked Female
Single-toned coat, ice and violet swirling markings, 2x wingspan, part Ice Elemental, wears feathered earring, tail ring, and anklet.
Recommended Uses: Breeding, travel companion, hunting, mountain patrol