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ChaosWing's Beasts


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Deep Forest

The beach slowly fades from sight, as you approach a large forest. You enter, and smile at the chirping birds. A glimmer of purple catches your eye, and you look up. A purple-eyed Kat watches you. Her fur is blue, with many white markings. You look her over, and she seems to be doing the same to you.


She watches you for nearly five muinutes, eyes unblinking. You sigh, and greet her, telling the cub your name, and who you are. She does not respond for quite some time, then, My name is Marakanai. I am a Stealth Kat. Goodbye.
She leaps away, quickly. Odd, she didn't seem to want to have anything to do with you.
Marakanai's Stats
Name: Marakanai
Element: Stealth
Gender: Female
Parentage: Maraki and Ritakuu
Mate: None
Pride: None
Offspring: None
Dimension: Outer
Notes:  Can mindspeak, but cannot read minds, yet. She has metal plates on both front legs, like her mother. The small orb around her neck protects her from insant kill abilities. Her eyes are like her mothers, a mutation. They are reflective purple. She is the daughter of the Outer Dimensional Battle Master, Maraki.
Abilities: Silence: Instantly kills all sound in the area.