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High Cliffs
ChaosWing's Beasts

You've been climbing. Climbing for so long, it felt as though your arms would fall off. Now you reach to top of the cliff, and a cool breeze greets you. You collapse, exausted, and immediately curl into a little ball to sleep more. But before you can, a flash of green shoots by. It does not once stop. Another melcey.


When you wake up, the melcey is nowhere to be seen. But there is a sign with her info up.. you crawl over to read it.
Kin`Saruna's Stats
Name: Kin`Saruna
Translation: Free-willed (Kikunese)
Gender: Female
Speicie: Melcey
Theme: Sky
Litter: 93
Parents: ProishXMerif
Mate: Huh?
Homeland: Arborwin Adoptions
Pack: Nope