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Glaciated Trail
ChaosWing's Beasts

Whew. You got away from that blood-crazed creature, and are now walking down a beautiful trail of ice. Suprisingly, it's not too cold here. The sunlight shines peacfully, and the ice sparkles. The scenery is amazing. A flash of blue, black, and gold catches your eye, and you look over. One of the most beautiful creatures you have ever seen stands there, golden jewelry shining softly.


The golden wings on her ankles twitch serenely, sparkling softly. An ear twitches, and the earring jingle. You realize you must be staring, and look down. She laughs, a high, soft sound. "Don't worry. I don't mind it. Very few make it past... them." You choke out your name, along with a weak, "hello." She laughs again. "I'm Ayzai, it's nice to meet you." she flicks her tail toward what looks like a wall of ice. "That is your next stop. Travel safely." you nod to Ayzai, and she flys away, leaving you to go on.

Ice-Lavender-Blue, Black Striped Female
Uncommon three-toned coat, black striping on nearly all parts of body, 3x wingspan, uncommon turquoise feathers, short, jagged Birman points on feet and tail, long tail, extremely rare mutation of golden wings on feet, wears random golden jewelry with a gold and sapphire necklace.
Recommended Uses: Showing, breeding, air racing

Pup pic:


Ayzai pup

((wasn't she adorible? :D ))