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ChaosWing's Beasts


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As you wander deeper into the forest, you hear the sound of running water. You run to it, needing a drink very much. There is a waterfall, and a small pool, surrounded with many tropical flowers of different colors. Something swoops down onto your shoulder. A necco.


It 'meeps', and tilts its head. "He-yo. Me ish Alaa. Who ish you?" the voice is clearly feminine, and soft, unlike the other two neccos. You tell the necco, and a sound in a tree alerts you. You look up, and there is the happy face of a young melcey.


"Hello!" crys the melcey, in a rather necco-ish voice. She leaps down from the tree, landing on you, and sending you, Alaa, and herself right onto the forest floor. "Mesa Lycanthia!" you greet her weakly, and she BEAMS.
Lycanthia's stats
Name: Lycanthia
Meaning: none
Gender: Female
Theme: Graphite
Litter: Commision
Parents: Lypha X Las Cslone`
Speice: Melcey
Pack: o____o
Mate: O________O
Homeland: Arborwin Adoptions

Fol`ep Anclo

A head rises from the water, and both Lycanthia and Alaa bolt. The head smiles at you, then speaks. "Hello, wanderer. I am Fol`ep Anclo, meaning 'Wind Song'. If you would like, you may drink from this pool." parched, you accept the offer, and continue on.