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ChaosWing's Beasts


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Lu Meng

*A rustling sound behind you causes you to turn. You find yourself face-to-face with a huge wolf-like creature who laughs. It isn't exactly kind laughter. He grins, exposing a number of sharp white teeth.* Greetings traveler. You will be pleased to know that I am forbiden to harm you in any way. *He looks a bit disapointed at this fact, but goes on.* I am Lu Meng, named after a powerful warrior. *He flicks one ear.* You should leave now.


*Another wolf, much different from Lu, appears. He looks younger, but has a sleek form dotted with markings that remind you of what you would see during a thunderstorm, lightning. He says nothing, for a moment, then.* I am Donner. I'm told it means thunder. *he races off, not enjoying conversations all that much.*


*A third wolf apears, closesly following the other two. She yelps and wags her tail in a friendly way, but says nothing. Donner runs back, and says,* That's Sunny. Her real name is Sun Shang Xiang, but that's too long to say.* He darts off, and Sunny follows.*


*A flash catches your eye. A reddish wolf eyes you from the shadows. You approach her, grinning, and ask her name.* Nanashi. *She growls softly.* Now, if you don't mind, please get out of my sight. I can't stand your kind. *One lip raises slightly, showing ivory fangs. Muttering your apologies, you leave.*

Jiang Wei

*As you begin to walk away, you trip over a fire-colored WildWolf, who is snoozing in the path. He yelps, and leaps up. Seeing you, he relaxes.* Oh, a traveller. I thought you were Meng. *His tail wags slightly.* Hi. I'm Jiang Wei, or Wei. How are you? *You smile, and tell him how you feel. He looks over his shoulder, and says, * It was nice meeting you, but I can't keep you waiting. Come back soon! *He wags his tail, and you turn to walk away.*