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ChaosWing's Beasts


Little Pool
Raveen Kats
Soooo dark...
Tall grasses
High Cliffs
Misty Valley
Snowy Field
Deep Forest
Stone Plateau
Deeper into the jungle
Out of the jungle
Grassy territory
Moonlight field
Quiet Pool
Golden Mountains
Darkness Fields
Glaciated Trail
Field of Storms
Iced Path
Further up the trail
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You continue walking along, and come to a large lake. There are many small shrubs along the edges, and the grass is tall and green. A sound catches your attention, and a white melcey wanders over, grass rustling.

May Tove

She smiles at you, white fur glittering. "Hello," She saysin a soft, kind voice. "Who are you? I'm May Tove, a melcey, as you already know." you tell her your name, and ask if any others live in this area. "Yes... they live over there," she flicks her ear towards the other sections of the lake. You thank her, and set off.
May Tove's stats
Name: May Tove
Meaning: White Sky
Gender: Female
Theme: Water
Litter: N/A
Parents: wild
Mate: None
Homeland: Arborwin Adoptions
Pack: none

You walk to the other side of the lake, and don't find any more of the elagen, cat like creatures. You look back for May, but she is nowhere to be seen...
From a cave behind you comes a low growl... and the most bizzare crature you've ever seen hobbles over.

Caro`bix and Hei

The darker of the two twins growls. "What do you want?" "It's a traveller, Hei." the other twin says, in a similar, growling voice. You tremble. Not only is this melcey strange, she seems hostile. "Fine. I won't kill it." the twin who must be Hei growls. "That's good," the other says. Hei smirks. "Who are you, and why have you come?" you answer, and, shakingly, ask their names. "I am Hei," the darker one says. The lighter one gives her name as well. "I'm Caro`bix. Our names together mean 'Dark Night'. You'd best be on your way, before my sister looses her temper." you nod in agreement, and scamper nervously off.
Hei and Caro`bix's stats
Names: Hei (darker) and Caro'Bix (lighter)
Translation: Dark and Night
Gender: Both Female
Specie: melcey
Theme: Darkness
Litter: Halloween
Parents: wild
Mate: Not intersted...
Homeland: Arborwin Adoptions
Pack: none yet

You run away, far away, and finaly, exausted, collapse. "Er hem.." voice clears its throat above you. You look up, weary...


Another melcey is peering down at you. "Are you alright?" he asks, blinking. You moan out your answer, slowly standing up. "Well... that's ok, I guess. I am Vapourtrail, a Sky melcey." you nod, and give him your responce. He flicks an ear, and grins. Well traveller, you have nearly reaced the end of our lands. There is one more melcey..." he trails off. "Ah.. I need to be going, see you later!" with that, he bounds off.
Vapourtrail's stats
Name: Vapourtrail
Translation: None
Gender: male
Theme: Sky
Litter: 55
Parents: MhedXVelvetShadow
Mate: Perle
Homeland: Arborwin Adoptions
Pack: none

You wander a bit farther, then, as said, you find the home of another melcey. Art tools cover the ground, and you look up and spy a gray melcey sleeping.

Ccarrisc Lem

She stirrs, the streches and stands. She looks over at you, grinning. "Umm... hi.. I suppose you're the traveller I've heard so much about. I'm Ccarrisc Lem, the Graphite melcey." you bow your head to her, and then, fall. x.x She runs over, and helps you up. "Are you ok?" you nod, and she smiles. "Well, it's growing late. You should continue on... But please come back!" You smile at her, and turn to leave.
Ccarrisc Lem's Stats
Name: Ccarrisc Lem
Meaning: Silver Dragon
Gender: Female
Specie: Melcey
Theme: Graphite
Litter: 70
Parents: KeenathXKell
Mate: Duro
Homeland: Arborwin Adoptions
Pack: none