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ChaosWing's Beasts


Little Pool
Raveen Kats
Soooo dark...
Tall grasses
High Cliffs
Misty Valley
Snowy Field
Deep Forest
Stone Plateau
Deeper into the jungle
Out of the jungle
Grassy territory
Moonlight field
Quiet Pool
Golden Mountains
Darkness Fields
Glaciated Trail
Field of Storms
Iced Path
Further up the trail
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After the lake, you come across the forest again, but this time, a river is flowing from it. More melceys live hear, you think as you walk over. You were right. A sound melcey comes down from a bush and pounces you!


The melcey smiles. "Got ya!" he crys happily, leaping off. You twitch invouluintarily, as the hyper little melcey races about. He stops, panting. "Who're you? I'm Ber'tem!" you answer him, slowly, unbeliving at the fact that a melcey could be so much like a necco. He beams. "Well, its nice to meet you!" you walk away, wanting to be free of this pain.
Ber`tem's stats
Name: Ber'Tem
Meaning: Eclipse
Gender: Male
Speicie: Melcey
Theme: Sound
Litter: New Year's (83)
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Homeland Arborwin Adoptions
Pack: none

As you walk away, a glint of... flame? catches your eye. You approach it, and see another melcey, but this one is... burning the foliage.

Crag Siso

He fliks his ear back, and looks at you for a moment, then goes back to his 'clearage'. You walk off, and as you leave, a sign catches your eye. It's his info...
Crag Siso's stats
Name: Crag Siso
Meaning: Dull Embers
Gender: Male
Theme: Fire
Litter: 75
Parents: VyrorXSotana
Mate: none
Homeland: Arborwin Adoptions
Pack: none

You read the sign carfuly, and then, you see an orange and green melcey watching you. She reminds you of a pumpkin, oddly enough.

Cália Tova

She cocks her head to the side, long ears flopping, and black eyes shining. You walk over, but she still does not smile. "Hello!" you greet her, and she nods. "...hi." you blink. She's not to talkitive, is she. You ask her name, and give her yours. "I'm... Cália Tova." she says, a small grin appearing. There is a moment of awkward silence, then she finally speaks without a que. "It's getting dark. You can stay with me." You do so, and, after a good nights sleep, feel much better. Cália bids you farewell, and you set off again.
Cália Tova's stats
Name: Cália Tova
Meaning: Life Bird
Gender: Female
Theme: Life
Litter: Halloween (78)
Parents: Wild
Mate: none
Homeland: arborwin Adoptions
Pack: none